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Flooring evolves like any other fashion, and is a great way to update the decor in your home.

The most popular trends for 2015 in flooring:

Stirated Carpet

Stirated or striped carpet is becoming a more popular choice based on durability and modern feel.

This type of carpet will show less minor spills and stains with the soft patterning. In neutral notes the pattern is soft enough to be part of a base of a colour palette or if a more intense stripe effect is desired, will be a striking statement to any room.

Reclaimed Floors

Reclaimed flooring styles using hardwoods and laminates are gaining momentum in the design trends of 2015, as texture and a classic warmth become the focal point for living space. Reclaimed barn boards aren’t just for the ceiling anymore. Get the look throughout your home.

Gray Flooring

Tones of neutral warm and cool grays are spattered throughout this years trends, as gray is the new black in fashion everywhere. Soft gray hardwoods have replaced the oaks of previous years as a base for all decorating accent colours. From rich reds to cool teals, grays are the perfect accompaniment and change easily from season to season.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is making a comeback as technologies have improved with increased durability and a variety of looks and feels. Textured vinyl plank flooring can now beĀ  used in areas where traditional hardwoods were not appropriate, like the basement and bathrooms. These floors are easily maintained for a busy household.



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